Kill Negative SPID -2 in SQL Server 2014

There can be a rare scenario when database restore or a query is being blocked by negative SPIDs when trying to find the lead blocker by running SP_WHO2 or using Dynamic Management Views. Negative SPIDs in SQL Server cannot be killed using KILL Command. This article explains how to kill Negative SPIDs in SQL Server and what they mean in SQL Server.

Source: Kill Negative SPID in SQL Server –

I had an ugly case of persistent blocking on a sunday morning at 7 AM. I had database blocking going on with -2 SPID as lead blocker. -2 is an orphaned MS DTC transaction.

You cannot just do a


I found out as much information as I could about the offending query for blaming purposes 😉 like which database this is happening on using the resource_database_id from request_session_id etc. Now its time to kill the offending DTC orphan transaction.

Identify the offending transaction:

FROM sys.dm_tran_locks
 WHERE request_session_id IN (-2)

guess what I had multiple Unit of Work IDs (UOW):


and this how I killed’em all:

kill '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
--The distributed transaction with UOW {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} does not exist.
kill '00767C6D-5981-4488-B151-43E0A2DC5C31'
kill '3AFCD1C4-581E-4F68-A11F-5D8C6B5EABB4'
kill 'B36C240B-EEF5-41A1-9863-C4DD8C313F8A'
kill 'D826E956-39ED-45FB-9B57-DBF5DB236644'
kill '185E7533-6532-4639-A023-EC0371EE952E'

Once I killed the orphaned -2 things got back to normal and the application started behaving normally.


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