Make free custom message tones for Whatsapp

Yes, you can have your own sounds to use as alert tones in Whatsapp. I was so bored with the same old tones but Whatsapp never added this feature so I did it myself, if this of some interest to you follow the steps below or wait for a future release crossing your fingers.

What you need:

1. A jail broke iPhone.

2. Two apps: Whatsapp & Cydia (Automatically installed after jail breaking).

3. A SSH Client tool like Terminal(Mac) or Putty(Windows).

4. A FTP tool like Filezilla.

5. A working internet connection with WIFI.



Prepare your custom caf sound

Enable Open SSH

Note IP address of your iPhone

Locate Whatsapp application on iPhone

Add Custom Tones

Replace existing tones with custom tones:


There are a few things you need to work on before you dive in. The whole process including the ground work should take less than 30 minutes. Before we
proceed let’s make sure that your phone is jail broke, there are a ton of online resources here is one that I recommended.

Proceed with the following steps after your phone is jail broke:

Prepare your custom caf sound

Whatsapp provides two types of audio file formats as alert notes .m4r & .caf. Out of these two .caf can be replaced with our
custom tone. In order to do that you need to have either a .caf audio file or .AIFF

is where you can convert your .mp3 to .AIFF


Once you download your AIFF file just rename the file to change the extension to .caf. AIFF and CAF are very close in terms of encoding that mere renaming
the filename should do it.

But make sure that you rename it to one of the following names


because we are tricking Whatsapp to believe that this is still the original Whatsapp audio.

Now that you have the .caf file ready proceed with the next step of connect to you phone via computer.

Enable Open SSH

Here is how you enable Open SSH networking feature on iPhone via Cydia

Go to Cydia App –>

Sections –>

Networking –>

Enable Open SSH (requires a reboot of your device)

Once your phone is rebooted, verify if Open SSH is enabled, it should look something like this:


Note IP address of your iPhone

Go to Settings –>

WiFi –>

Click on the Ⓘ next to the WiFi you are connected to:

You should see something like this and make a note of your IP address:

Photo Jan 20, 9 28 12 PM

We are done with the prep work lets head to the next step.

Locate Whatsapp application on iPhone

To do that open Terminal in Mac or Putty in Windows & connect to the iphone as

User: root

Password: alpine (unless you changed it)

Mac Terminal:


Note that your password will not be visible as you type it.

Putty on windows:


Once you login into the terminal find out Whatsapp folders location following the steps in the screenshots below:

Type the following commands:

cd /var/mobile/Applications


When you type ls it lists a bunch of folders with mystic names and your Whatsapp folder is located in one of these folders:


And the command you use to find that out is this:

find . -name *.app -maxdepth 2 –print


Note: you have to keep your phone on WiFi all the time and make sure it doesn’t get locked because it will switch to 3G and SSH connection
will be lost.

Add Custom Tones

Replace existing tones with custom tones

This is the easiest step connect to iPhone through a FTP client like Filezilla. Follow the steps mentioned in the below screenshots to drag and drop your
.caf file into Whatsapp’s folder by overwriting it.

1. Locate your custom .caf file on left side & locate the whatsapp .caf files on right side.


2. Drag & Drop custom file to Whatsapp Folder


3. Make sure it is being overwritten


Reboot your phone & enjoy your custom tones.


Download Links:





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